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Hare; Human

Name: Mandrake Hatcher

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Breed: Anthro Hare

Nationality: German

Language: German, English

Religion: Christian

Society Class: High

Family: Father- German Military S.S.

Mother- Italian bakery owner

While his father was fighting WWII and killing Jews; he lived with his mother at the bakery. She believed that war solved nothing and that no-one deserves to take the life of a human but God. At age 13 his mothers shop burnt to the ground due to a bombing. His father finally got to use his son in military. For four years he was forced to obey his father and kill Jews. When he began to enjoy the killing he grew mad and killed his father. On that day he began a new journey as his body changed and he was forced into a hare anthro. (Being of the Chinese Zodiac). Perhaps it was a punishment from God. Now he seeks a way to end this curse that fallen upon him. So he left Germany and seeks answers.

Human; anthro1; anthro2 

Name: Flip

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Breed: Anthro Hare

Nationality: Irish

Family: Parents both rabbits. He was born as a hare with several bros and sisters. Unfortunately at a young age his family faced a hoard of foxes. His mother and father had cried in agony. Some of his siblings had faced their same fate. He was quick to flee. He developed the ability to change form to an anthro and then with much more practice; human.

Height 4’8” Weight 96

Eyes Emerald Hair Spikey Orange

Major Trait: No well knowledge of modern affairs

Minor Trait: Dislikes carrots

Outstanding qualities: Well mannered and friendly

Flaws: Coward

Fears: Most anything

Frustrations: Abusive men

Temperament: not much of one

Emotions: Cheerful

Attitude toward life: Living it for his family

Hobbies: Outdoors

Music: Irish

Harlow ~*~*~ Blair

Age: unknown
Height: 5'4"
Birthday: October 31st
Likes: rainbows, pandas, emo stuff, Goth stuff, the idea of believing, writing and rping, drawing when she has the patience to do so, cars, Flirty boys and pretty girls, anime, silk, spiders, cats, dogs, reading, horror films, anything Japanese.
Dislikes: Loud girls, rap, drama, being ignored, not being listened to, rude people, stupid people, bitchy bosses, perfectionists, hardcore Jesus freaks.
Clothes: Punk, goth, cosplay, prefers pants but wears skirts.
Description: Shes quiet and easily distracted. She gets frustrated easily but something is off about her. Truth is she is possessed by a spirit inside her; an anthro in which is slightly demented. But don't worry she doesn't kill; on the contrary she is a protector whom is simply misunderstood. So when angered or knowing she needs the strength of a anthro she relies on her other. As for her power it is a beast changer. Able to shape any animal with ease; as note any animal form she takes their color is that of a rainbow!
Mark of the soul inside her As a not it's at the center of her back about the size of a football
History: ...?

 M; F


This fantastically handsome feline is a black panther. The stripes came from a gene in his grandparents whom had the stripes from another gene farther past them from tiger breed. He is a hunter though he is not very observant. He actually was caught in a trap made for small deer or rabbits but was caught instead. He thought he was going to become prey but was lucky the other was more interested in eating him in a more erotic manner. The special thing about Fell is that when he orgasms he switches between sexes. If he is male he will become a female after a climax and vice versa. This creates endless possibilities for his lover. The only question is; will he find one.

RB1; RB2

RB a male unicorn with rainbow hair goes by the name RB or Rainbow Boy but his real name is unknown. He never shares it. He just likes to be called RB. He is a party punk and isn't afraid to move. He is a free spirited young foal and loves to flirt with any sex. His preferred sex is male and though he seems frail and perhaps even submissive he loves to be dominant. Be warned he loves to draw and chances are if he takes you with him home you will be put into one and perhaps even make it to the bedroom?

A female wolf whom is amazing at wires. She's an electrician and doesn't mind getting dirty. She is a hard and devoted worker and all she wanted out of life was to just live. She loves to be about around humans especially those whom have ill knowledge of her breed. She likes to teach them about her species. People who are haters however she wouldn't mind electrocuting. She was lucky to come across a giant named Tank from a new planet. Though he is slow he is a gentle man and found a way to her heart. She is now married with him. He is a carpenter and she the electrician. Both now build homes together side by side and hand in hand.

A male blue tiger whom was a Layer and Doctor whom married a beautiful woman and had a son. Unfortunately his wife died after birthing their son Saki but Darin was determined to raise his son as best he could even without the help of his beloved at his side. He also promised he'd never love another woman again. He would stay devoted to only two things; his son and work. He did his best raising his son on his own but he had his mothers spirit; hot headed and stubborn and not to mention a rebel. Darin was able to see his wife in his son ever day which allowed him to love his son and put up with him. However he found himself loving his son perhaps more than he should. He was beginning to wonder if he was pushing it too far. He tries to keep his thoughts clear of loving his son but can he hold it back?

Talk about high spirited and fun well this little kitten has got it all, looks, fame, a heart of gold, and personality! All she ever wanted to be was in live action theater or in movies. She desired fame and to be loved and admired by fans. Well she got her wish when she turned 16. Her parents got tired of her being a dreamer and let her go. Yuure didn't mind this the least. She was easily able to get rides and stay at places for free because of her high hopes and good nature but of course looks helped. But don't jump to conclusions. She doesn't let anyone touch her. She actually hopes to find a man or woman to be with her forever. She has stared in several plays, also was in a musical theater then became a entertainer and waitress at a bar. Then she moved on to a club where she became a dancer and stripper but she never shows her goods. In the pic is as naked as she gets on stage. She leaves just enough to the imagination. Her dancing song she prefers is 'It's Just a Dream'

Lura grew up with a pack which was a true family to her but when growing up she always wondered what life would be like outside a pack. She had only grew interested in leaving the pack when she met a traveler wolf. She wanted so badly to know what he felt when he told his tales of travel and all the things he had seen. She wanted that feeling of freedom and adventure! To see the stars from different horizons. When she was ready she left her pack wishing them her best knowing it may very well be the last time she ever saw them. She traveled away from the woods and headed for the city and was lucky enough to run into that wandering wolf whom guided her and taught her how to survive in a the human world and how things worked with them. They travel together for a period of time however she found a city in which she fell in love with and decided to stay. He went of his way and now she lives in the suburbs writing music and working as a song writer as well as a wonderful guitarist. GUITAR

Build ; Penis shot
A common reef shark like most born with 3 other siblings but all going their own way like most sharks. The father mating then leaving the mother. The mother birthing the eggs and leaving them to fend on their own. Rashak watched his siblings go their way so he went his own naturally. He has a sleek built body and quite ripped from the amount of swimming he does. At first he seems like a emotionless prick but perhaps when you get to know him he opens up. He's not afraid to eat anything bigger than him. He enjoys the challenge. He never hunts female down and nor will he hurt a woman for that matter. So take a swim in the deep and maybe he will just eat you right up maybe even more than one way. ;)

Age: 23
Rank: Alpha
Personality: Stand offish, grumpy, lazy, overly protective, bully
Clothing: Jeans or shorts a jacket something to show off his chest muscles, a necklace much like a lightning bolt, pierced left ear 
History: Growing up in slum like neighborhood he was actually a runt and was told by his father he would never amount to anything so with a high ambuition he ran from home as he set out to become an alpha no matter what others said. His mother died at birth and it always plagued him that it was somehow his fault. He ended up fighting the backstreet fellows to make money. After his rise of power he was chased down and he was in an disadvantage fight but luckilt Malice came and saved him defending him. They both became close friends and practically brothers. He fought to destory and he needed a right paw man to back him up.

Age: 27
Rank: Beta
Personality: Samurai who loves music and nature sums him up
Clothing: If not in samurai clothing he wears oose fitting clolthes with bright lime green which matches his eyes and headphones
History: Growing up in a high cass area he had the best education and learning of how to become one with the energies of the universe. He learned how to fight like a samurai and to be as calm as still water. He fought for peace and he had once seen the young punk fighter and tried to talk to him before but was simply blown off. When going home he saw the fight on uneven terms and quickly stepped in to protect him. He told him that he faught to destroy; he needed to calm his mind and focus and fight to only protect. Again dismissed he simply helped the young man home and soon he was asked to help him learn to fight. Malice agreed to Stryker but told him what he learned must be used for good intention.

Age: 20
Rank: Omega
Personality: Shy at times but when opening up he flirts. Daydreamer, lovesick, bi-polar
Clothing: Tight fitting girlish clothing, Note on his left hip is 3 star marks
History: Ty was always daydreaming, lost in his thoughts of love and romance and how it was going to be with his first. How sadly he was betrayed and violently his first time taken from him. He spiraled down into a suicidal junkie and hospitalized. When home he was constantly watched by his worried mother and father which were adoptive parents. He would always ask why he wasn't wanted by his real parents. Unable to move from home he took a turn and turned into a boy toy thinking it would get rid of the pain; more sex meant more love right? Upon a night after being asulted and having intercourse which was too rough; he was unable to make it home. In the pouring rain Malice had lifted him and carried him to his luxury home taking care of him. Ty thought he was an angel. He was too kind to be real, he had to be fake but in time he learned that Malice was of good nature and is slowly falling in love with him but worries that he would never accept him because Malice would be more interested in woman. Joining with Maice and Stryker he is happy and still hopes to be Malice's one and only love.

Nalani (Quiet Sky) Winters

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Body-type: Large/heavy weight

Height: 5’3”

Breed: Linx

Fur Color: Azure Blue with navy colored spots

Occupation: …….?

Likes: Tea, the cold weather, quiet, drawing, not being interrupted

Dislikes: Most social interactions, smoke/vape, misogynist, racist, coffee, majority of men (fear of them)

Favorite Foods: Anything with noodles, fruit, sweets, green tea ice cream

Personality: Quiet and reserved, anti-social or even socially-awkward.



Behavioral: Doesn’t smile when smiled at, has trouble sharing or talking about feelings, prefers not to be touched, held, or cuddled, engages in self-stimulatory behaviors (finger flicking, spinning in circles, tapping ears, scratching, repeated words or noises, turning lights on and off).

Physical Symptoms: Poor motor skills, poor handwriting skills, heightened sensitivity and overstimulation in relation to loud noises, bright lights, unusual textures, or strong tastes, poor coordination, clumsiness.

Cognitive Symptoms: Difficulties with changes in routine, may have one or a few very select interests that they are extremely knowledgeable about, doesn’t always share interests or achievements with others, inability to pick up unwritten rules of social etiquette, difficulties picking up on the subtle changes in tone, pitch, and voice that accompany regular conversation, may be unable to understand sarcasm or jokes, lack of inborn social skills such as reading body language, take turns talking, or have a conversation with others.

Psychosocial Symptoms: Low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, moodiness, loneliness, shyness

Adrenal-Fatigue: Due to many stressful situations; when stressed the body produces special enzymes to keep you from over-exerting yourself. When it is unable to produce more the body begins to fatigue and slow and is unable to attain more energy. This leaves a feeling of sluggish behavior and the constant state of feeling tired.

Epilepsy: Triggered by rather bright lights in a flashing motion. Gives the feeling of nausea, disorientation, motion sickness, etc… Often times can lead to a seizure but if quick enough can prevent this from happening.

Chronic-Migraines: Due to the intensity of these headaches that turn into migraines they can leave a whole body in pain and incapable of moving. It also affects, motor skill, speech, vision, etc… These can be prevented if medicine is taken right away.

Anxiety: This occurs when stressed with a nervous, fearful state of mind. Can cause sweating, increased heart rate, disorientation, etc… Can often times be countered with deep meditation breathing.


Name: Zar Cestrum Nocturnum

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Breed: Hyena

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 200lbs

Birthdate: May 18th

Birthplace: Hawaii

Religion: Polytheism

Launguage’s Spoken: English and Pidgin

Education: High-school

Father: Hawaii Travel Guide and Translator (Divorced) {Hyena}

Mother: Medicine Doctor/Nurse (Divorced and Remarried) {Manned Wolf}

Eyes: Jade Green

Hair: Ruffled Black

Body Type: Fit

Birthmark: Right hip has grinning hyena silhouette

Profession: Comedian

Flaws: Easily distracted, not the best listener, his stomach is his intuition

Fears: Clowns, ghosts, demons, & any scary thing

Frustrations: Gets grouchy when hungry and loses all sense of interest, jumps to conclusions

Emotions: Laid back and lazy, food driven

Hobbies: Coming up with new jokes, lines, acts, swimming, surfing, ritual dancing

Books/Magizines: Cosmo, Food Network, Entertainment Weekly, Rachel Sting-Ray Every day, Cooing Light

Favorite Colors: Blue, green, white

Taste in Jewelry: Shell necklaces and bracelets with leather in the mix, anchors

Favorite Food: ALL of it

Favorite Drinks: From sweet, to tart, to hot.

Living Situation: Lives in an apartment downtown his father helps pay for rent and utilities as well as whatever else he may need.

Name: Kumo Webb

Sex: Female

Age: 24

Breed: Cat/Tarantula

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 150lbs

Birthdate: October 31st

Birthplace: East Coast

Religion: N/A

Launguage’s Spoken: English

Education: High-School Drop-out, never homeschooled

Father: Stray and up to no good left the family {Tom Cat}

Mother: Waitress, Seamstress, Janitor at Hospital {Black Cat} Mother of 4 kits including Kumo

Eyes: Greyish white

Hair: Long black

Body Type: Fit

Birthmark: Spider web mark under left eye and tarantula mark on back

Profession: Cake designer and Jewelry maker

Flaws: Anti-social, more quiet than vocal, bad at communicating

Fears: Never amounting to anything

Frustrations: Those who try to kill spiders just because they think they are gross or creepy

Emotions: Calm, timid, respectful, cautious.

Hobbies: Making jewelry, playing with her spiders, warmth is her weakness ie: (Fresh from dryer clothes)

Books/Magizines: Arachnids, Reptiles, Creepy Buggy, Hot Topic, Spencer’s, Gothic

Favorite Colors: Blacks and grays

Taste in Jewelry: wears a woven choker made from webbing with a intricate tarantula woven in the center piece

Favorite Food: Sweet and Spicy, enjoys seafood a lot

Favorite Drinks: Fuzzy Navel, Sangria, Mai Tai, Mudslide, coffee creamer

Living Situation: Lives currently with a Bakery shop owner {mouse named Aria}